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High Flow Chuck (1)

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We think the APEX Rapid Precision Valves deserve an equally good air chuck.

Why choose our chuck?

The components are made to last a few lifetimes. The black part is 4140 chrome moly steel that’s heat treated and subjected to QPQ salt bath nitrocarburizing so it won’t rust (same stuff they use on military firearms). The other parts are stainless steel.

This is an open flow design for single point air up. It’s designed for the maximum amount of air flow by pushing the Schrader core ALL the way in. Most only achieve 50% or less.

It has a metal sealing seat so it won’t wear out. It’s also a thread-on design instead of a fussy push-on design. It takes a few more seconds to attach, but so does trying to get a push-on design to seal properly. This chuck will just work for decades.

It opens the Schrader valve exactly the same amount each time so there is no variability on air flow. Most chucks depend on how hard you push for airflow.

Our goal is to make the APEX High Flow Chuck the last chuck you buy!

NOTE: This chuck is optimized for use with the APEX valves. This air chuck will NOT work with multi-hose air down/up systems, which require a closed flow chuck.