OK4WD Loyalty Program

Your guide to earning.

Step 1

Sign up and join the club.

Join for FREE and get 100 points.

Step 2

Earn more points.

Earn points by making purchases, leaving reviews, follow us on social and more!

Step 3

Redeem for discounts.

Spend your points using coupon codes generated by our rewards program to save money at checkout!

How points work.

Create an account

100 points

Make a purchase

$1.00 = 1 point

Follow us on social

50 points

Leave a review

up to 200 points with picture/video

All the reward details.

How do I check/redeem my points?

You can use the reward icon on the bottom left of the page to view your points! To redeem*, simply select Redeem and the amount of points you want to spend. This will give you a coupon code you can use at checkout or apply to your cart.*Redemption of points is for online purchases only.

How will purchases in store work?

In store purchases will be totaled at the end of the year, and all customers who have created an online account will be awarded points at the rate of $1 = 1 Point. Customers who have earned a higher rank will not be awarded more points for in-store purchases.

When do I earn my points from purchases?

Points are earned within 24 hours of the purchase being fully shipped. Points will be removed for any returned items.

I left a review but didn't receive any points!

Customers will only receive points if they have purchased the product on the web. If you feel you meet this criteria and the points were not added, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

Help! Something is not working and I can't figure it out!

Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at cs@ok4wd.com, call us at (908)-454-6973, or start a live chat and we will be happy to assist with any problem you might be having!