Walls and Rooms

Adding awning side walls and room tents to your overlanding awning can significantly enhance your outdoor living experience during your adventures. This upgrade provides increased privacy, creating a comfortable area for changing clothes, sleeping, or relaxing away from prying eyes. The added awning side walls and room tents also offer enhanced weather protection and improved insulation, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience even during inclement weather or in colder climates. With integrated mosquito nets or mesh windows, you can enjoy a bug-free environment, while the additional storage space helps to keep your living area organized. Walls and awning enclosures also offer versatility, allowing you to customize your outdoor living space according to your needs and preferences. By creating a more sheltered and enclosed space, your awning becomes more functional, accommodating activities such as cooking, dining, socializing, or even working, ultimately making it a valuable addition to your overlanding setup.