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ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound Aerosol

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The ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound Aerosol has a high zinc content of "ultra-pure" zinc dust and a trade secret organic binder. ZRC's unmatched, unsurpassed, industry-leading and unique formula is a true galvanic anti-corrosion film that protects steel. The proof is in the photos – the performance of ZRC and GALVILITE is clearly superior!
  • - The original cold galvanizing compound
  • - Fifty years of proven success
  • - True galvanic protection
  • - Equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing
  • - Single-component - Battleship gray finish
  • - Meets all USA VOC standards
  • -TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE (non-immersion): Continuous: 350°F max/177°C max; Non-Continuous: 750°F max/399°C max
  • - SALT FOG EXPOSURE: 2,852 Hours (ASTM B117)
  • - PROHESION/QUV EXPOSURE: 2,000 Hours (ASTM D5894)
  • - ZRC meets and exceeds SSPC-Paint 20 ( Specification for zinc-rich primers)
  • - ZRC meets and exceeds SSPC-Paint 29 ( Specification for zinc dust sacrificial primer, performance-based.)