Roof Rack Tray

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This is an Aluminum tray, meant to fit between the Alu-Cab load bars. This tray, once bolted into place, can manage up to 100 kg’s. What we love about this tray, is that you do not even notice it is there. It sits below the line of the load bar – mounting any flat product onto the bars will not be affected by the tray. If mounted to load bars on your tent it is easy to add some additional gear where needed. The same applies to the roof of a vehicle, canopy, or any place that you can add our Alu-Cab load bars and Rack Tray. It is one of those simple but effective products, useful at any given time. What is also great about the tray is that we added specific features. At the bottom of the tray one can add our Table Mount, which means you can add an Alu-table to the underside of the tray. The tray can easily carry three ammo boxes, with space to spare or alternatively three jerry cans.
  • Can handle up to 100KG's
  • Can hold up to three ammo boxes
  • Supplied with mounting hardware
  • Loadbars and feet not included