Roof Conversion Kit - Icarus - Black

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The Icarus Roof Conversion, a rooftop tent solution but better. The Icarus roof conversion benefits is an all-out camper solution, where you get to simultaneously enjoy access to your sleeping area, vehicles kitchen or storage area, and the best part, it has a pass through that you can easily access without having to brave the weather. The Icarus roof conversion is the complete package and is completely reversible! You can migrate the roof conversion to another Defender, or simply restore your vehicle to its original state. The roof conversion does away with having to climb up a ladder to your tent and frees up packing space when you are able to put a full roof rack on the Icarus itself. The roof is rated for 50 kg, and it is important to note where the cargo is loaded as it will make it easier or harder to open the tent. The roof takes seconds to open, and thanks to the flip up bed, you have standing room inside your vehicle! Lastly the roof can be closed with all your bedding inside, so long as it is flat. Overlanding has never been so easy, so convenient, and so unbelievably capable. It is the ultimate overland solution for two ultimate overland vehicles.
  • Aerodynamic Design: To minimize wind resistance and fuel consumption
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Fabric: 400 gram UV-resistant rib-lock waterproof canvas with sealed seams
  • Roof Insulation: Polyethylene close-cell foam and insulated quilt
  • Cargo: Integrated roof cargo tracks allow for small roof-racks or load bars