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These Wavian leak-proof steel gas cans come directly from the same manufacturer that has supplied many NATO countries for over 75 years and are the highest quality jerry cans on the market today. Rigorously tested, they boast a number of features: 0.9 mm steel walls, an interior rust-proof Rezol lining*, an internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring, a three-handle configuration for easy carrying, a Leak-proof bayonet closure, and a locking pin for the cap.

*NOTE: The lining of the fuel can react with water and these cans are made for fuel only. For water storage, check out our food-grade water cans.

Wavian 20L Jerry Cans may come with scratches or dents from manufacturing. NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA

  • Made out of 0.9mm cold-rolled steel.
  • Lined to prevent rusting with gasoline, water, and alcohol-resistant coating.
  • The cap has a locking pin (international patent) to ensure it cannot be opened accidentally.
  • The bayonet closure is completely leak-proof with the can in any position.

    Three-handle configuration for easy grabbing and carrying of multiple cans.

  • Manufactured and tested to comply with Australian Standards – AS2906, Swedish Standards – SP, German Standards – TUV/GS, and UN Dangerous Goods.
  • EPA and CARB certified, built to ASMT, NFPA, and DOT standards. Approved and fully legal for sale in all 50 states.
  • Unique wide channel breather and smooth pouring. CARB / EPA compliant, fast flow rate and leak-proof spout. Works on most gasoline vehicles and diesel tanks.
  • Dimensions: 6½ x 13½ x 18½
  • Weight: 12 lbs