Rear Door Slide Lock for Canopy Camper and Alu-Cabin


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The Rear Door Slide Lock can be retrofitted to older Alu-Cabins that did not include it (pre serial CC9262) and any Canopy Camper with added weight on the rear door. New Alu-Cabins will have this product fitted standard. For Canopy Camper, this is a great upgrade if you’re running a spare wheel on your rear door, or any sort of added weight to assist in keeping the door open when parked off camber. For Alu-Cabin, this is still an upgrade especially if reaching the top of the door to disengage the old-style slide lock is a challenge. This mechanism uses a spring-loaded pin that is pulled downward to release the lock-out so the door can close. If the height of your older Alu-Cabin slide lock or the weight of your Canopy Camper rear door is a challenge, consider upgrading to the new Rear Door Slide Lock for Alu-Cabin and Canopy Camper.