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Cali Raised LED Plug and Play Switch Illumination Harness CR2430

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Having a hard time getting those aftermarket switches to light up like your factory switches? Are you fed up with splicing into your factory wiring to get those switches working? We have a solution!

These are plug-and-play harnesses that are designed to illuminate your aftermarket switches without the need to use vampire clips, t-taps, or any other device that might cut one of your tiny factory wires.

Each harness is intended to be plugged into the back of a factory connector and borrow the factory illumination circuit that runs through that connector.

Included in each kit is an extra green connector that completely replaces the one you get with your CH4x4/Cali-Raised/AOB/MIC-Tuning Toyota-style switches so there is no more guesswork when it comes to illuminating your switches.

When you use these harnesses your new switch(es) will light up with the rest of the switches in your truck and be dimmable using the dimmer on your dash.

The left of steering wheel harness allows you to illuminate 1 aftermarket switch without splicing. If you are building a switch panel or need to illuminate more than one switch, you can order our daisy chain harness to expand the illumination to 1 additional switch.

You can add or subtract multiple daisy chains at any point in your truck build. As of July 2021, we have safely illuminated 7 switches using a base harness plus 6 daisy chains and that is the current recommended limit for this system.

Simply plug the harness into the cargo light connector (present on all 3rd Gen Tacomas including Access Cabs; the connector is behind the plastic cubby!), attach the green connector to your new switch, and finish the install by wiring the remaining 2 wires following the switch manufacturer's wiring diagram (out to the accessory relay and to a 12V source).

  • Plug and Play Switch Illumination Harness - Both (2 Daisy Chain Harness and 1 Illumination Harness)
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