PAKMULE Mule Straps 4' Blaze Orange

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This isn't some bungee cord, nope.  Not a ratchet strap either.  This is a MULEstrap!   1" wide polyester webbing (not wimpy nylon) held securely by a complete stainless steel cam buckle assembly (not just a stainless spring) to quickly and easily secure up to 500lbs of gear, EACH!  MULEstraps will revolutionize the way you secure your gear.  And because we love upland, MULEstraps come in Grey OR Blaze Orange.  Need a belt in the field?   Yea, it'll do that too. More uses than you can shake a stick at.  It'll be your next favorite piece of gear after your PAKMULE! Made in the USA, because it matters. Sold in Pairs
  • 4', 6', 8' or 12' long x 1 inch wide
  • MULEstraps are rated at 500lbs of working load
  • All PAKMULE products are 100% designed and made in America

Blaze Orange