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Maxtrax Spare Tire Mount V3 - XL Size - ALL Black

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The updated V3 utilizes the same sturdy and versatile spare tire mounting brackets with amazing updates to the latches! GP Factor have improved the latch design with all new injection molded knobs and latch bodies. These new pieces are more durable, weather resistant, lighter weight, and easier to use than the old billet versions. The latches continue to utilize our proprietary ACME threaded screw and stud design to maintain the strongest latch on the market to secure your Maxtrax!

The GP Spare Tire Mount kit delivers the best solution for mounting traction boards (Maxtrax). The mount attaches to externally mounted spare tires on Jeep Wranglers and a variety of other vehicles, allowing vertical or horizontal mounting of traction boards. The stainless bracket can be adjusted according to your wheel depth (offset) and tire size and is compatible with Jeep, Toyota, GM, Ford, Land Rover (14mm and 16mm), and more. Lug nut patterns:

Their 2.1 lug plate fits a wider range of lug patterns, and works for lugs mounted in reverse like the RIGd tire carriers.

Mounts come in two size options: Standard and XL.

  • Fits lug patterns 8 x 6.5, 6 x 120mm, 6 x 5.5 (139.7mm), 5 x 5.5 (139.7mm), 5 x 5, 5 x 4.5, 6x5.12 (130mm), 5x4.72 (120mm), 5x6.5, 5x4.25 (108mm), 5x150
  • Mounts come in Standard and XL size options
  • Lockable knobs
  • Injection molded Delrin 500p latch knob and body
  • Stainless 7/16 dual acme threaded screw with 4140 nitride acme threaded stud
  • Stainless hardware
  • Fully adjustable to accept 2 or 4 regular Maxtrax, or 2 regular and 2 extreme Maxtrax
  • Works with new Maxtrax or dirty and deformed old ones
  • These latches can also be used stand alone on a flat surface or with load bars
  • All kits will include one pull pin for the side not using a padlock
  • For proper fitment, please refer to the fitment guide
Black|Stainless Steel