LifeSaver Jerrycan 20 Liter Army Green

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A robust and portable water purifier capable of filtering 20,000 litres/5,300 US gallons of clean drinking water, removing viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites instantly. The LifeSaver Jerrycan holds up to 18.5 litres of water at any one time and is designed to support those with a greater demand for clean water such as group expeditions, adventurers embarking on overland travel, families or those setting themselves up for off-grid living.
  • Includes:
  • -Life Saver Jerrycan
  • -1x Activated Carbon Filter- effective for up to 500 liters
  • -Paper manual, plastic flush cap (for cleaning the filter), and a single carbon disc in a poly bag
  • -Pump and Tap included
Army Green