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Ineos Grenadier Rotopax Spare Tire Mounting Kit

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Ineos Grenadier Rotopax Spare Tire Mounting Kit

New for 2024 is our Grenadier Spare Tire Rotopax Mounting Kit. Like our Maxtrax Spare tire mount for the grenadier, this kit works with all Factory Grenadier wheels and many other aftermarket wheel options. The kit simply mounts to the same plate (X3 8mm screw locations) that your spare tire cover or factory storage box mounts too. There is not modification needed at all, and you do not have to take your spare wheel off to install or remove. It is that easy! There is up to 2" +/- of adjustment if you intend to use something other than the factory wheel option. We recommend a max of 4 gallons (either x2 gal stacked or the long 4 gallon) max load for mounting.


All Stainless Construction

Adjustable for varying wheel depths (works with all factory Grenadier Wheels)


*For the Ineos Grenadier only*

Stainless Steel