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Gobi-X Rear Bumper for Land Cruiser 200 VX GOXEXTOY2201

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The Gobi-X Rear Bumper is the perfect addition to your off-road vehicle. This bolt-on bumper fits directly to your vehicle's OEM holes for easy installation. The bumper is engineered with varying steel thicknesses to ensure exceptional protection from impact, while reducing weight and providing superior strength.

With the Gobi-X rear bumper, you'll enjoy a better departure vector than the stock bumpers that comes with your vehicle. Two recovery points are integrated into the bumper and form part of the chassis bracket for optimal access when you need to pull your vehicle out of a tight spot. The bumper allows for a strong straight-line pull without damage to the chassis or bumper.

Our bumpers also feature two high lift jacking points, essential for vehicles with high ground clearance. The removable tow hitch further improves your departure angle and can be easily attached or removed as needed.

We use a durable powder coating process with zinc phosphate pre-treatment to optimize corrosion resistance, ensuring your bumper can withstand even the toughest conditions. Additionally, the Gobi-X Rear Bumper offers customizable carrier options to meet the unique needs of each individual. The rear bumper can be installed with no carriers and upgraded later or fitted with one or both carrier arms. Available carrier options include a Spare Wheel Carrier, Single or Double Jerry Can Holder, Utility Box with Lid, and Wood Box (no lid).

Upgrade your off-road vehicle with the Gobi-X Rear Bumper and experience the ultimate in protection, strength, and versatility.

  • Solidworks Designed, laser cut and CNC bend
  • Easy bolt on unit, fits directly to OEM holes
  • 3mm Mild steel with internal boxed design support
  • 2 x Recovery points
  • 2 x High lift jacking points
  • 4 Hole drop plate with goose neck and trailer plug
  • Supplied with electro coated high tensile steel bolts
  • Powder coated for long lasting durability
  • Adds rugged offroad styling to the vehicle