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Gobi-X Left Hand Side Wheel Carrier for Land Cruiser 200 GOXEXTOY2203

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The Gobi-X Carriers are designed with gas struts to keep the carrier arms open. You can easily close the carrier by applying moderate pressure against the arm and securing the clasp handle and secondary lock. The clasp handle secures the carriers against the bumper, keeping them from rattling around while you enjoy your off-road adventure. We highly recommend installing a spare wheel carrier on one of the carriers. This provides easy access for tire changes, unlike vehicles with the spare wheel underneath the rear which can be difficult to remove and prone to damage over rough terrain.
  • All our products are Solidworks designed, CNC Laser cut and CNC bent.
  • Superior Strength Design
  • Two stage powder coating for durable finish
  • This ensures we offer a highly durable Product for even the toughest African conditions