Gen 3-R Expedition Tent

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We are excited to share our new Gen 3-R Roof Top Tent. We have listened and have added some unique features to improve your camping experience. Our latest Rooftop Tent features a modern design, a heater port, built in solar panel input and more! When rooftop tents first hit the market, they were revolutionary, mostly because your tent and mattress (the two things that take up the most packing space) were now conveniently stored on your roof. For these reasons, our Expedition Tent has always followed a hard-shell design. What’s more, hard-shell tents typically last longer than their soft-shell equivalents, they’re also easier to clean, and far more resilient to rain, snow and windy weather conditions. But most of all, from an overland-travel perspective (where you’re moving from one camp to the next), you just can’t beat the convenience of a popup rooftop tent, which is why our ever-popular Expedition Tent is now in its 3rd Generation design. Over the years, we’ve been adding continuous improvements to our Expedition Tent, opting for a wider, more spacious layout, as well as a streamlined design that’s both aesthetically pleasing, and far more aerodynamic. While developing the Expedition 3.1 tent, we kept comfort, convenience, functionality in our minds. For comfort, we have a 75mm high density foam mattress, with reading lights, usb charging ports, and proper insulation for world travelers. On the roof we have closed cell foam lining that offers year-round insulation and, on the roof, we added storage pockets, where you can keep your keys, books and even shoes. For functionality, we recognized that the users would be traveling, and we made it so they can put solar panels, camp tables, mountain bikes, and other gear on top of the tent. The tent can support up to 110 pounds open, so you don’t have to drop all your gear after a long day! And finally, we thought about the convenience of the tent, and how to make your life easier. We added a rear awning cover to keep the snow and rain off the rear door entrance. With two locking latches and within seconds you can have camp set-up. With the convenience of leaving your pillows, sleeping bag, and some gear inside, you can be setup and ready for the night in seconds.
  • Formed Aluminum Construction
  • Heater vent
  • Solar Panel Input
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
Height (exterior, closed):
Front 210mm / Rear 280mm
Height (exterior, open):
Height (interior, open):
External 2300mm / Internal 2100mm
Approximately 76 KG
External 1400mm / Internal 1300mm(Shoulders)