Both CB (Citizens Band) radio and GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) radios have their own unique benefits when it comes to overlanding. CB radios are useful for communicating with other drivers on the road or on the trail, particularly in areas where cell phone service may be limited or non-existent. They are also widely available and relatively affordable. However, CB radios have limited range and can suffer from interference and noise from other sources. GMRS radios, on the other hand, have longer range and better sound quality than CB radios, making them more useful for communicating with other vehicles or members of a larger overlanding group. GMRS radios also offer more privacy and security since they use specific frequencies and require a license to operate, reducing the chances of other people listening in on your conversations. However, GMRS radios tend to be more expensive and require a license to operate. Ultimately, the choice between CB and GMRS radios depends on individual preferences and specific overlanding needs.