Alu-Cab Alu-Cabin for 2009+ RAM 1500

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Since the introduction of the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper, some 2 years ago, we have seen many adventurers join the Alu-Cab Family worldwide. This versatile, off-the-shelf camper has had great success globally and we have seen the Canopy Camper exploring the wilderness in over 60 countries.

As our tribe has grown, so has the interest for the introduction of the Full Size Canopy Camper. And so, without further ado, we give you the Alu-Cabin. A Full-Size Canopy Camper, which models the same modular design as the Canopy Camper, it just got bigger! The Alu-Cabin, now suited to fit the larger 5.5 and 6.5 Trucks.

The Alu-Cabin includes shoe bag on roof, one light in the roof, one light under the bed, 3 lights at the doors, 2 stalk lights, a USB Port and wiring for a solar panel. Please note that the solar panel is not included.


An easy-access vertical door with heavy-duty hinges, and the ability to mount a 33″ spare-wheel (No need for an after-market rear bumper and wheel carrier). 

The vertical door solves the problem of dust entering through the tailgate.

Proprietary extrusions are used throughout the construction for a drill-free fitment

Tried and tested dual-layer canvas tent

Flip-away bed means ample headroom and standing space

Bedding remains in place whether the tent is open or closed

Roof rails to facilitate the mounting of various rooftop accessories

Side-access canopy doors

A zip down/roll up Fly Sheet


Length Overall - 2889 mm (end to end) 

Frame Length - 2007 mm

Width Overall - 1793 mm 

Frame Width - 1780 mm