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AEV Full-Size Expedition Recovery Kit

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AEV combined their off-road expertise with their unsurpassed commitment to quality when they introduced a complete line of Full-Size Recovery Gear, designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts who drive heavier, full-size trucks and SUV’s. AEV’s Full-Size Recovery Gear is engineered for real world recovery situations and tested to the highest industry standards for unsurpassed safety and reliability.Now, AEV’s complete line of Full-Size Recovery Gear is available in two easy-to-order kits, designed to give you all the basics for a day out on the trail with friends, or everything you will need for an extended, expedition-style adventure. Best of all, these Recovery Gear Kits will save you money, versus buying all the components individually!AEV’s Full-Size Trail Recovery Kit is a cost-effective solution for anyone looking for a smaller kit, that is easily transportable and includes the necessities for a day out on the trail or at your local off-road park. This kit includes: an AEV 4” Recovery Strap, 4” Winch Extension Strap, Tree Strap, Snatch Block, (2) 1” Anchor Shackles, Tire Deflator and Gloves. AEV’s Full-Size Expedition Recovery Kit is a more comprehensive solution for anyone needing a wide range of gear for more advanced recovery techniques and added versatility. This kit includes: an AEV Kinetic Recovery Rope, Winch Extension Rope, Utility Rope, Tree Strap, Snatch Block, (2) 1” Anchor Shackles, (2) 1/2″ Soft Shackles, Tire Deflator and Gloves.Since recovery gear is useless if it gets lost or damaged, to help keep all your gear well-organized and safe from the elements, BOTH Recovery Kits also include AEV’s Premium Recovery Bag. These bags are handmade in the USA and feature heavy-duty nylon construction, heavy-duty zippers, reinforced straps and a plastic bottom. These features ensure that this bag will last for many years to come.