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48" Adjust A Strap, Premium Polyurethane Adjustable Bungee Strap, Removable Nylon Hooks, Blue

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The new 48" Adjust A Strap from The Perfect Bungee is the world’s most universal bungee, period. Crafted from FlexaPURE, our exclusive polyurethane, free from rubber or latex. UV, chemical, fuel, and oil resistant, waterproof, and built for all weather conditions. The Original, Since 2013
  • Not Your Dad's Bungee - Unlike traditional rubber bungee cords, The Perfect Bungee is made from a "secret sauce" of polyuretane we call FlexaPURE, designed to withstand all weather and temperatures (waterproof and UV, chemical, and fuel resistant).
  • Made for the Outdoors - An essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast, they won't crack, break, split or become brittle when exposed to the elements like extreme heat/cold, saltwater or oils. Great for camping, biking, off-roading, and overlanding.
  • Removable Nylon Hooks make this bungee into every hook to hook length
  • Triangulated Hook Ends Prevent Separation
  • Made in the USA. Limited Lifetime Warranty