World Leaders in 4WD Brake Upgrades



Powerbrake designs and manufactures the very best performance upgrade brake kits on the market for 4x4 vehicles. All manufacturing, quality control and assembly is done entirely in-house. Their civilian X-Line 4x4 big brake kits feature direct technology transfer from their R-Line off-road race brake systems that have been used by works race teams to win multiple FIA Cross Country World Championships as well the infamous Dakar Rally, which is regarded by many to be the most gruelling motorsport event on the planet.



The rapid world-wide growth in modifying civilian 4x4 vehicles has created a significant need for well-engineered brake upgrade solutions. Overland enthusiasts are fitting roof-top tents, bull bars, long range fuel tanks, water tanks, additional battery systems, storage systems, additional spare wheels etc.


All of these accessories significantly increase vehicle weight, which severely affects brake performance and results in increased stopping distances. Larger wheel and tyre packages are also becoming increasingly popular. These generally weigh a lot more than the factory-fitted wheels and tyres. This additional rotational mass again severely affects brake performance, leading to increased stopping distances.


Many 4x4 enthusiasts are also tuning their vehicles, adding significant horsepower. More speed = more energy, resulting in increased brake temperatures and ultimately brake fade.



Powerbrake offers competitive options for upgraded the braking power of your 4WD vehicle. The Powerbrake X-Line 4x4 big brake kit range and a more cost effective Powerbrake D-Line high performance rotor and pad kit.


The Powerbrake X-Line kits feature the exact same X-Line 6-piston off-road calipers, caliper mounting brackets, high-performance brake pads and stainless steel braided brake lines.


Powerbrake D-Line high performance rotor and pad kits are engineered from the ground up to improve brake performance and reduce brake fade on your 4WD truck. While our D-Line rotor and pad kits are our first-level brake upgrade option for 4WD vehicles, they will deliver considerable performance advantages at a relatively affordable price point.