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Vision X XP HID Lights



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1200 Meter Distance
The 8550XP Series lights up to 1200 meters due to redesigned reflector technology. This light was inspired by off road racers who need lights with distance when traveling at high speeds at night. The 8550XP Series has been race tested and proven to be the best and the brightest. 
50 Watt Ballast
The 50 watt ballast puts off more light than the traditional 35 watt ballast while still only drawing 4.17 amps. The 8550XP Series features all internal ballast and starter, so you won't have to hassle with extra components to install.

Die Cast Aluminum Housing
The die-cast aluminum housing offers durability for the harshest conditions. Rated at IP-65, it is particle and dust proof as well as spray resistant for water.
Polycarbonate Lens
The durable and lightweight polycarbonate lens offers ultimate protection from rocks and debris.

Single Stud Mounting System
The single stud mounting system provides for easy installation. Knurled aiming knobs allow for easy 15° adjustability.


  • 1200 meters of light for unmatched distance
  • reengineered reflector and lens
  • all internal ballast and starter
  • die-cast aluminum housing
  • colored covers available
  • knurled aiming knobs
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