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Vision X Flex Motion Undercar Lights

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The Flex-Motion Under Car kits are unique in the industry due to there extremely flexible bars. They can be used as a standard under car kit or wrapped in wheel wells, around custom speaker enclosures, under seats, or wherever else other kits cannot go. The Flex-Motion kits use BRT, Bar Reflector Technology, for seamless illumination down to one inch, no more dots underneath your car. Kits include two 4' bars and two 3' bars. Each kit comes with a master controller which controls the built-in microphone for sound interface into your vehicles stereo systems; scanning, strobe, and running modes. The multi-color kits include color control. To top it off, all Flex-Motion kits come with a wireless remote with a range of 1000' with full control over your under car kit.



  • built-in reflector eliminates spots
  • for use on interior and exterior
  • no glass components to break
  • wireless remote
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