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Skid Row Offroad Quick-Release 1997-2002 TJ Mirror Relocation Bracket, Right Side Only

56 $56.00

The Jeep TJ's mirrors are nice, but they aren't placed where we would want them. Besides, what do you do if you want to go wheeling, but don't want to mess up your mirrors? Or for that matter, what do you do when you want to drive with your doors off?

You relocate the mirrors and make them easily removable!

We like to remove our mirrors before we go wheeling because the trails on the East coast are often very tight with plenty of trees to break your mirrors if you're not careful. Besides, if the mirror isn't on the Jeep it can't get broken if you flop onto your side either. (Not that we've ever done that!)
We also like to drive with our doors off in the summer and needed a solid mirror relocation bracket that allowed us to see out of BOTH mirrors. Most of the ones out there don't work on the passenger side, but ours do. You simply look through the windshield to view the passenger side mirror just like an old CJ.
These mirror relocation brackets are designed for the mirrors that came on 1997-2002 Jeep TJ's and can be used on later model TJ's if the earlier model mirrors are used as shown below on our 2003 TJ.
All of our Mirror Relocation Brackets come with stainless steel button-head bolts to replace the originals. The "Quick Release" models also come with hand knobs to make removing them a snap AND they also include stainless hardware to fill in the holes where your mirrors were mounted on the doors. You won't have to look at those rusty threaded holes once the mirrors are moved.
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