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Skid Row Offroad Engine/Transmission skid plate for 6 cylinder models

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Our Skid Row Offroad™ engine/transmission skid plates are Rock Rated® and are designed to provide complete coverage for your vulnerable engine oil pan, transmission, AND the front portion of your exhaust system. Unlike some of our competitors, you don't need to buy two different skid plates to get less coverage. One easily installed skid plate provides the complete protection you need to feel confident while on the trail.

Separate designs for the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder engines assure that the skid fits and works properly. No one else makes a custom fit skid plate to protect the engine and transmission of your YJ. Nobody!
These skid plates are made of 3/16" thick steel that is laser cut and CNC folded for consistent quality that sets the standard for Jeep skid plates. They are also reinforced with 1/4" thick steel angle along the driver's side to provide plenty of strength while easily clearing both your exhaust system and your driveshaft. (Most of our competitors have interferences with one or the other, but not Skid Row!) Our skid plates are also sand-blasted prior to beingpowder coated to assure that the finish adheres better than our competitor's coatings. We use a semi-gloss black for an attractive finish that's easy to touch up when necessary.
They mount solidly to the Jeep's frame and are specially designed for easy bolt-up installation with minimal drilling. Only two holes will need to be drilled through the leading edge of your transfer case skid plate for the carriage bolts that hold the two skids together. In addition, an oil drain hole has been provided to make changing your oil possible without removing the skid plate.
We've also learned during our off-road testing that these engine skid plates help you get over obstacles by preventing your transfer case skid plate from catching on whatever you're driving over. So you not only get added protection and peace of mind, your Jeep will be more capable as well!!
Please note that 4 cylinder models built after May 1995 use TJ oil pans.
  • This means that the oil drain hole is on the side of the pan, not the rear...which is different from all previous model years. While we don't make a separate skid plate for these models, we can provide a part to use as a template to make a new drain hole. This piece can then be used to fill the original hole. Obviously, cutting and welding of the skid plate will be required for this modification. If you need this piece please ask us for a skid plate munchkin and we'll provide it free. If you're unsure, it's best to contact us and ask.
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