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Rhino Rack Pioneer Elevation (84" x 56")

899.1 $899.10

The Pioneer Elevation is the ideal solution for contractors who need to carry a wide variety of gear on their roof. With its open front and back end you can easily load ladders, pipes, long objects that required extension beyond the tray and your other work tools.

The Pioneer Elevation is built with tough-as-nails reinforced nylon and aluminium and has been tested in the harshest outdoor conditions. It’s also non-corrosive so it won’t rust or fade. It also features fully-welded side rails to make loading and unloading your gear easier. You can rest assured knowing that your equipment is safe on the road.

Contractos will also love the tray’s compatibility with the a variety of Rhino-Rack accessories. A Rhino-Rack Rear Roller would make loading ladders and planks on to the tray a breeze. Our Shovel and High Lifting Jack Holder bracket, Rhino-Rack ladder and Pioneer Combination Bracket are also some of the many available accessories that will fit the Tradie Tray.

Even if you’re not a contractor – the Pioneer Elevation still has great potential. Imagine being able to easily carry your fishing rods along with the rest of your weekend gear on the one tray. Or picking up supplies for your DIY home renovation and not worrying about how you’ll get it back home.

Get your load from A to B hassle free with the Pioneer Elevation.

Note: The Pioneer Elevation is designed to suit specific vehicles and does not suit all legs. Legs are not included and need to be purchased separately. To view the available Pioneer Elevation options and leg requirements for your vehicle:


  •     Open front and rear ends allow carrying of long loads (eg. ladders, pipes)
  •     Stylish and aerodynamically designed to minimise wind drag and noise on the road
  •     Non corrosive so it won't rust or fade
  •     Made from strong and durable materials and allows you maximum carrying capacity
  •     Includes fully welded side rails which provides extra strength and ease of loading/unloading
  •     Bars included with the Pioneer Elevation
  •     Compatible with many Rhino-Rack accessories


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