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JKS Rear Hydrualic Bump Shock for 2007+ Jeep Wrangler JK



731.5 $731.50

Hydraulic BumpShock; Rear; Nitrogen charged secondary shock; Cushions heavy suspension impacts; Position and rate adjustable; Must be French mounted to rear chassis; Welding and frame modifications required; Pair

Jeep vehicles are particularly susceptible to bottoming out due to the number of variables that affect wheel rate. For instance, the suspension on a Jeep may be able to traverse a bump in the road at 20mph with no problem at all. But the same vehicle driven at a speed of 40mph is more likely to bottom out due to the additional rate of compression. Similarly, increasing the vehicles sprung weight by adding a heavy bumper, winch or cargo will significantly reduce the amount of force required to bottom out the suspension.

Hydraulic BumpShock Features

  • Compact secondary shock absorber prevents suspension from bottoming out and protects vehicle from harmful stress loads
  • Cushions harsh suspension impacts for dramatically improved passenger comfort at high speeds
  • Progressively increases damping resistance as suspension reaches maximum compression
  • Replaces the inferior OE rubber bump stops with velocity-sensitive hydraulic dampers
  • Improves ride quality and towing stability when supporting heavy loads
  • Increases driver control and confidence in the roughest off-road conditions
  • Clear cadmium finish protects surface from corrosion and maintains sleek appearance
  • Also fits Wrangler JK right hand drive models

Fitment Notes:

  • Installation is not reversible and must only be performed by experienced mechanic or fabricator.
  • Installation requires vehicle modifications.
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