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Hutchinson 17" Rock Monster Beadlock Wheel For 2007+ Jeep Wrangler

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To increase the mobility of a wheeled vehicle operating in soft terrain such as sand, mud or snow, it is necessary to increase the footprint of the tires. This is achieved by the crew decreasing the tire’s air pressure. For example a 4x4 at low pressure can easily exceed the footprint of an 8x8 at service pressure. This mobility is only achievable if the wheels are equipped with a tire bead locking device.

The Hutchinson Beadlock ensures the clamping of the tire beads on the rim at lowered or zero pressure.

As a result the vehicle capabilities are enhanced by:

  • Increased traction and braking
  • Improved steering control
  • Minimal chance of rollover caused by the unseating of the tire
  • Preventing foreign materials from entering the tire.

The Hutchinson Beadlock offers a DOT-compliant street-legal solution for any driver who needs to “air down” for greater traction on rocks, sand, mud snow, loose dirt, or any off-road surface. It enables you to run the same tires over the road and off-road without compromising their performance in either environment. They are great for any application that demands enhanced traction.

Vehicle Fitment:

  • 2007+ Jeep Wrangler JK
  • 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL


  • Size :17 x 8.5"
  • Bolt pattern: 5H - 5" BCD
  • Lug style :1/2" 60 degrees conical
  • Hub bore diameter: 2.828" (7.83 mm)
  • SAE rated load :2,300 lbs. - 60 psi
  • Backspacing: 4.63" (117.6 mm)
  • Construction: Cast aluminum alloy

Color Options:

Matte Black

  • Kit Part Number: 60637-017-01
  • Wheel Part Number: WA-0594-017-01

Light Argent

  • Kit Part Number: 60637-023-01
  • Wheel Part Number: WA-0594-023-01

Sparkle Silver

  • Kit Part Number: 60637-047-03
  • Wheel Part Number: WA-0594-043-03
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Manufacturer Hutchinson Industries
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