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AEV Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Brackets



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AEV Geometry Correction Brackets have been engineered from the ground up not only to look great, but to perform and withstand the harshest conditions. AEV control arm brackets aren't for the budget conscious, but rather focus on quality, function and longevity.  Whether you're looking for a suspension kit, bumpers, body armor or wheels, you can rest assured that AEV products are designed to last.

We are an authorized dealer for AEV geometry correction brackets and installation services are available.

AEV's Front Control Arm Drop Brackets pack a lot of suspension performance improvements into a small and affordable package. These AEV control arm brackets will improve front impact ride quality (expansion joints, ledges), increase anti-dive for improved braking performance, decrease the operating angle range of the front driveshaft, and eliminate the need for adjustable control arms or cam bolts for caster correction. AEV geometry correction brackets are included in all AEV 3.5"/4.5" DualSport suspensions, but can also be added to AEV's 2.5" DualSport suspension as well as other manufacturer's suspensions. See Tech Specs for more details.

Key Benefits Of The AEV Geometry Correction Brackets:

  • Improve front impact ride quality (expansion joints, ledges) – By reducing the operating angle of the front control arms, the suspension is allowed to work in a more natural state. This means that when hitting a bump, the force applied to the control arms is directed up into the springs instead of back directly into the frame. In effect an AEV 3.5" lifted JK "thinks" its lifted only 1.25".
  • Change the instant center to increase Anti-Dive for improved braking performance - By increasing the anti-dive geometry of the suspension, you'll notice the front of the vehicle will barely drop under hard braking when the control arm brackets are used. By increasing force on the front wheels, traction is increased for better straight line braking and by reducing the shifting weight and inertia under braking in curves, handling is greatly improved.
  • Decrease the operating angle range of the front driveshaft – This one is often overlooked. Aftermarket double cardan joints do not have the torque rating (1850lb/ft for t a 1310 double cardan, 2150 lb/ft for the OE CV Joint) and they can’t run as smoothly so its advantageous for most JK use to keep the stock CV units. The Front Control Arm Brackets rotate the pinion up as the axle drops to eliminate torn boots on the CV for long life with a lifted application.
  • Eliminate the need for adjustable control arms or cam bolts for caster correction - We've been touting the benefits of using the stock control arms for a long time because of the pre-loaded rubber OE Bushings that the factory uses, and because that quality has yet to be rivaled in any aftermarket bushing. These new brackets allow for the proper caster ranges to be achieved.

Please note: Adjustable Control Arms are not a replacement for drop brackets - Its often misunderstood that higher priced adjustable control arms have the same effect as the AEV control arm brackets and that the brackets are just a cheaper option than providing adjustable control arms. Nothing could be farther from the truth, both components do separate and different things and both have their place under a Jeep. Both products can adjust the castor angle which is where much of the confusion stems from.

AEV geometry correction brackets change four distinct parameters:

  • Lowers arm angle for ride quality.
  • Lowers the instant center for better braking (antidive).
  • Decreases operating angle of the driveshaft by reducing the range of travel.
  • Corrects caster angles.

Adjustable AEV control arm brackets can certainly allow the proper caster angle to be dialed in, however they are incapable of all the other parameter changes, and in fact make the instant center, ride quality and driveshaft angles all worse than stock. Adjustable control arms can do some things that the AEV geometry correction brackets can not:

  • Move the axle position forward or aft which may be required with aftermarket HD axles.
  • Change the pinion angles for aftermarket Cardan or Double Cardan driveshafts.
  • Correct minor deviations in suspension geometry after an accident with mild frame damage.
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