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AEV 4.5″ High Capacity Coil Springs for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK



450 $450.00

AEV’s 4.5″ High Capacity Coil Springs are a direct fit upgrade for customers with an AEV 4.5″ DualSport SC/RS Suspension System. Designed with the overlander in mind, these frequency-tuned, progressive rate coil springs provide the increased load carrying capacity necessary for heavily loaded vehicles, while still offering exceptional ride quality, handling and off-road articulation.

These coil springs are only available as a matching set of front and rear springs in order to preserve optimal vehicle handling dynamics. The relative rate/frequency of the front coil springs vs. the rear springs is a crucial part of safe vehicle handling.  Because of this, AEV increases the rate/frequency of the front springs in order to maintain an appropriate relationship with the rear springs, across the entire range of rear-biased loading.

Please Note: While these coil springs are designed specifically for heavily loaded vehicles, AEV recommends using extreme caution when exceeding GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and RGAWR (Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating) due to possible changes in the vehicle’s braking, steering and overall handling performance. These springs are NOT designed as a means to additional lift height on unloaded vehicles. Installing these springs on an unloaded JK Wrangler will make the front end sit about 3/4″ higher than the standard 4.5″ spring and the rear end will sit about 1″ taller than the front. Due to the inherent nature of a heavy duty coil spring, vehicles with equipped with AEV High Capacity Coil Springs will experience a substantially stiffer ride quality if the vehicle is driven unloaded. However, ride quality will improve considerably as more weight is added to the vehicle. This is something that should be considered prior to purchasing these coil springs. Customers who currently have an AEV 3.5″ DualSport SC/RS Suspension System on their JK Wrangler can upgrade to these 4.5″ High Capacity Coil Springs by also purchasing our 4.5″ Bump Stop Kit.

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