This customer's JKU was well kitted coming into the shop. Previously, we equipped this rig with an unbeatable setup for overlanding. In the back, for the kitchen, we installed a Goose Gear Premium Vehicle Storage System, a Partner Steel 22" 2 Burner Propane Stove, and an ARB 50Q Fridge Freezer Tie Down System. For sleeping arrangements and keeping out of the elements, we outfitted a black James Baroud Discovery Rooftop Tent and an Alu-Cab Shadow Awn.

This time around the shop, we completed this rig's transformation into the ultimate overlanding vehicle. First, we equipped this rig with an Old Man Emu BP-51 Kit. The added ground clearance and second-to-none suspension system will allow this rig to go to places it was unable before. No more dreaming about reaching that peak or transversing that difficult patch of terrian. Old Man Emu will always get you where you have to go. Paired with the suspension, we installed a JKS Front Adjustable Trackbar, a JKS JSpec Advenced Geometry Upgrade, and a Hellwig Sway Bar. These essential upgrades will keep things in line and allow the suspension to work in its natural state. Other additions, are a Dynatrac ProGrip Brake System and an AEV snorkel system.

During this visit, the customer came to us needed lighting in the rear of his vehicle because there was not enough light to cook at night. To fix that problem, we installed two Baja Designs LED dome lights at the top of his review window. In addition, in the back, we installed an AEV Fuel Caddy and an AEV Fuel Caddy. The Fuel Caddy fits nicely underneath your extra tire and is a great, tucked away solution to store extra gas instead of potentially space-consuming jerry cans. The tire carrier by AEV is simple, clean, and much needed upgrade to carry a larger, heavier tire. Lastly, for wheels and tires, we outfitted AEV Borah Galaxy Black Wheels and BFGoodrich LT315/70R17 All-Terrain wheels.


  • ARB Old Man Emu JK 4" BP-51 Kit
  • JKS Manufacturing OSG121 Front Adjustable Trackbar
  • JKS JSpec Advanced Geometry Upgrade Kit
  • Hellwig Sway Bar Kit

Brakes & Exhaust:

  • Dynatrac ProGrip Brake System for Jeep Wrangler JK
  • JKS Manufactoring Exhaust Extension Kit

Wheels & Tires:

  • Jeep JK AEV Borah Beadlock Ring
  • AEV Borah machined Galaxy Black Wheels
  • BFGoodrich LT315/70R17/C113S All-Terrain

Lighting & Back-up Camera:

  • AEV CHMSL (3rd Brake Light)
  • Baja Designs LED Dome Light w/ Switch Red
  • Baja Designs LED Dome Light w/ Switch Clear
  • Brandmotion FLTW-7611 CMOS Camera

Tire Carrier & extras:

  • AEV Jeep JK Tire Carrier
  • AEV Fuel Caddy
  • JK Conceal Carry Driver's Side Security Drawer
  • AEV snorkel System

Order #: O-224754