This customer came in looking to make his camper self sufficient to live out of for weeks at a time. To make this trailer sufficient we decided to go with solar panels for the roof, six of them to be exact. We installed SunPower Flexible Solar Panels each with a 110 watt rating, for a total of 660 watts. Each solar panel is rated for 18.8 volts and 5.9 amps. Next, we ran the wiring for the solar panels in a series parallel circuit; with three solar panels in a series. Immediately following the series parallel circuit we ran each series into a separate 30 Amp circuit breaker. After the circuit breaker it went to the solar charger. For the solar charger, we installed a Morningstar 45 Amp Tristar solar charge controller. This controller is rated at 45 Amps up to 150 volts, and can track data for 200 days. Further more, we wired the solar charger to four Battle Born 100 Amp Hour 12 Volt LiFePO4 batteries. Each battery has a built in battery management system, which has 100 Amps continuous and a 200 Amp surge for 30 seconds. Also, each battery has a high/low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and a high/low temperature protection. We then ran the wiring from the batteries  to to a cutoff switch which will shut power off to the inverter. For the inverter, we installed a Magnum Energy pure sine wave hybrid mobile inverter. This inverter has the specifications of  3,000 watts,  12 volts DC, 12 volts AC at 60 Hz and a built in 125 Amp battery charger. From the inverter we ran four 12 volt AC electrical outlets, with fast charging USB available. We also ran wiring so the inverter can be powered by a generator or landline. This wiring is also protected by a 30 Amp circuit breaker. We installed an Xventure large toolbox to put in front of the trailer. We also installed a Trigger solid state switching system with a remote switch for lights and accessories. On the outside of the trailer we installed an AluCab right hand side shadow awning.Finally, for the lighting on the outside of the trailer we ran four rigid SR-M pro diffused lights. You may be wondering why so much power for four lights, there will also be an air conditioning unit installed in the trailer to keep cool during the summer days.