The customer wanted the ultimate street and trail jeep and that's exactly what we gave him! This 2015 Jeep JKU is the best of both worlds! First we bumped up this rig's power by swapping the V6 engine with a V8 using AEV's Hemi 6.4 Conversion Kit. If you’ve dreamed of having a V8-powered JK, look no further than AEV’s HEMI V8 Builder Kit. It makes the conversion simple and it delivers factory results. Click "AEV Hemi6.4L VVT Conversion Kit- JK 2012+" below to get an idea of all that’s included in the awesome kit. Next, we installed an AEV JK Snorkle with an AEV Pre-Filter Snorkel. Adding a snorkel is must for this rig because those monster Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain Tires outfitted with spicy red powder-coated Method Race 106 Beadlock Wheels are gonna turn up some serious dirt. A snorkel raises the air intake of the engine and allows for cool, dry, clean air to enter. It also adds to this jeep's badass look. Additionally, to save the frosty paint job from the tires' wrath against the trail, we outfitted it with GenRight 6" Aluminum Front Tube Fender Flares, GenRight Front Aluminum Inner Fenders, and GenRight 6" Rear Aluminium Tube Flares. In order to turn those monster tires and take tough terrain, we implemented some much needed steering and axle upgrades: Dynatrac HardCore ProRock 60/60 Front & Rear Axles, PCS Cylinder Assist Kit, and Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts 1350 Series Front & Rear.

To continue, for this rig to be unbeatable on any terrain- street or off-road, we coupled ARB Old Man Emu BP-51 Bypass Shocks, an AEV 4.5" High Capacity Coil Springs, and a TeraFlex Speedbump Kit with a 4" Lift. In addition, we installed Clayton Off Road Jeep Wrangler Long Arm Upgrade Kit to get both good articulation on the trail and good driving manners on the road.  To keep adding to this rig's badass look, we installed a Poison Spyder JK Rock Brawler II Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier, a Poison Spyder JK Brawler MID Front Bumper with Brawler Bars, a Posion Syder JK MID Front Skid, and a Poison Spider Winch Fairlead Mount. Lastly, we finished up with lights and electronics. We installed J.W. Speaker taillights, fog lights, headlights and turn signals. For backing up, we outfitted this rig with an Edge Camera, a Poison Spyder Universal 2-1/2" LED Back Up Light, and a Poison Spyder LED License Plate and 3rd Brake Light. Now this jeep is good-to-go for any adventure.




Axle & Steering Upgrades:

  • Dynatrac HardCore ProRock 60/60 Axle Set (Front & Rear)
  • PCS 2012-2017 Jeep JK (4 Door) Cylinder Assist Kit (for Aftermarket 1 Ton Axles)
  • Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts 1350 Series CV Front Drive Shaft
  • Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts 1350 Series CV Rear Drive Shaft

Fenders, Bumpers, Hood, & Roof

Lights & Electronics:

Wheels & Tires:

  • Toyo Open Country M/T 40X13.50R17LT 121Q C/6
  •  Method Race 106 Beadlock Matte Black Wheels (powder coated Red)