We equipped this frosty Toyota FJC with all the tools for adventure. As the base layer on top, we installed a Front Runner SlimLine II roof rack. Next, we layered on an Alu-Cab Gen 3 Expedition Tent, and, to finish this adventure sandwich, we installed a second Front Runner Roof Rack on top of the tent. The Alu-Cab expedition 3 tent is the premier overlanding tent. Though sleeker and lighter than its predecessors, the tent remains solid to the core with strong aluminum outer casting and base. In addition, the tent can be utilized to mount awnings, jacks, and other equipment.

Sometimes the path ahead can be treacherous. Don't get stuck, this FJ certainly isn't with its pair of gray-finish MAXTRAX. Don't have a place to store them? This rig will never have that problem with its Front Runner Recvoery Device & Gear Mount and MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Set installed on the second rack. Another awesome stow-away on this FJ its the Front Runner Pro Table Under Rack Bracket, which smartly stores a Front Runner Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table underneath the base SlimLine rack. 

Tent & Awning:

Roof Racks:

Mounting Kits:

Load Bars:

Camp Table:

Order #: O-224247-01