We performed a Hercules Rooftop Conversion for our customer's 1990 Toyota LC Troopy. First, we measured the roof for the proper fit of the camper, then, we removed the roof of the car. Next, we hoisted the camper on top of the car and secured it in place. With the Hercules Rooftop Conversion, our customer has standing room that spans from the front visors of the car to the rear tailgate with the maximum standing height of 8ft. In addition, with the conversion, our customer has access to his camper from inside, which is very convenient when there's bad storm nearby. When the bed panels are down and fully closed it will form an 8.5 ft sleeping platform that will comfortably fit two people.

Along with the rooftop conversion, with also outfitted this Troopy with an Alu-Cab Shadow Awning Kit. The Alu-Cab Awning is a 270 degree, free-standing, aluminum awning. The Alu-Cab Shadow Awning is first-rate and will provide you cover and protection from the worst of the elements. Lastly, we equipped three 100 watt solar panels to soak up those rays on the road. Check out our timelapse and the walk-a-around of the build.