Announcing the LP9 from Baja Designs

A modern take on our classic 8" La Paz, the LP9 features 9 reflectors plus Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT), making it ideal for distance as well as near field projection. The Direct Ducted Cooling (DDC) channels air through the front of the light, along the heatsinks, and out the back, allowing for a much cooler running light. A total lumen value of over 12,000 lumens per light - this light is a powerhouse with a full size form factor and next generation styling. Available as a standard LP9, suitable for most off-road applications, as well as a Racer Edition configuration for high speed use - when a tighter, farther reaching pattern is needed.

We are now taking pre-orders for this light!
Now through 9/30/2017, pre-order this light and use promo code LP9P when checking out and get $50 off per light!

Functions include:

  • Amber Backlit DRL
  • Low Power Mode
  • and High Power Mode.

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