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ARB 82QT Fridge Freezer Combo Pack

1550 $1,550.00

Take advantage of our exclusive ARB & Alu-Cab Combo Pack and save! This kit includes: ARB 82QT Fridge Freezer, Alu-Cab Tilting Fridge Slide, Transit Bag and the optional accessories: Threaded Kit + Remote Monitor

Take advantage of our exclusive ARB & Alu-Cab Combo Pack and save!

ARB 82QT Fridge Freezer
Developed in Australia to handle extreme conditions, ARB 37QT fridge freezers offer uncompromising performance, giving you the convenience of cold food and drinks no matter where your journey takes you. With rapid cool down and low power consumption, you’ll never have to worry about buying ice.

Alu-Cab Tilting Fridge Slide
Designed in South Africa, the Alu-Cab Tilting Fridge Slide is a convenient fridge slide that allows you to safely mount your fridge in confined areas. The drop down fridge slide allows you to pull your fridge out of the vehicle and tilt it down for convenience. 

Transit Bag
Designed to protect the ARB Fridge Freezer from dents and scratches, the ARB Canvas Transit Bag also provides extra insulation in extreme temperatures, helping to keep your food and drinks cool or frozen on your off road travels. Manufactured from tough durable canvas, the Transit Bag provides superb protection for fridges stored inside and outside the vehicle, and will ensure that your new ARB Fridge Freezer will be in excellent condition for years to come.

Optional: Threaded Kit + Monitor
We decided to offer these two accessories as a bundle as both are extremely useful. The threaded socket kit allows you to pull power directly from the battery which is useful if your cigarette lighter/accessory port is not powered when the vehicle shut down. Another extremely useful accessory is the monitor. Did you forget to turn the unit on? Want to know what the temperatures are when you're driving? The Remote Monitor mounts anywhere in your vehicle and allows you to easily see what the temperatures are along with the batter voltage.

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