Winch Saver 15,000 lb es, w/ Cable Lock

15,000 lb Winches, w/ Cable Lock



Winch Saver 15,000 lb es, w/ Cable Lock

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The Winch Saver is the latest safety and equipment protection device for your winch, as it allows you to stow your hook in a safe manner at the fairlead (cable guide), without metal to metal contact. The Winch Saver is designed to be compressed between the hook and the fairlead when stowing the hook. Whether it's a Master Lock ATV Winch or any other vehicle-mounted winch, each has a fairlead. The Winch Saver is designed to be compressed between the hook and the fairlead. This allows you to stow your hook in a safe manner at the cable guide, without the metal-to-metal contact you'd have with a bare winch. Until now, ATV winch kits (and other winch kits) did not have this capability. An ATV winch (and other winches) has one of several types of winch hooks, and of course the winch cable to stow after use. The winch motor retracts the hook and cable, all the way in, and then locks with a sufficient amount of tension to hold it in place. The Winch Saver insulates the cable guide from the hook. Winch systems include cable locks, but winching in safety just got better. For every ATV and truck winch, part of your total winching equipment system must be protection against injury and equipment damage from cable backlash. For ATV and truck winches alike, The Winch Saver protects brush guards, and the operators of those winches, from harm. The Winch Saver holds tension on the cable thus not allowing slack to accumulate in the wraps of cable on the spool, and holds the hook in a ready and safe position. The Winch Saver is made of a Polyurethane material, which is extremely durable and will last for years. This material has a very high impact absorption factor. How does the Winch Saver protect the winch operator? During the winching process the Winch Saver is slid about 1/3 of the outstretched cable from the hook and locked on. If the cable or the anchor point is suddenly released with the cable under tension, the Winch Saver would serve as a backlash suppression, greatly reducing the back lashing energy of the cable and hook. Reducing the potential for damage to the vehicle or you the operator. A large number of winch owners have been injured due to cable and hook backlash. After one year on the market we are Improving the Winch Saver. We offer two new ATV size Winch Saver's and three new full size to meet your needs. All the new Winch Saver's have a new Feature. It's called the cable lock. The cable lock is a slot in the Winch Saver so that it can be locked onto the cable during the winching process. This is very helpfull when winching up or down steep grades, not allowing the Winch Saver to slide on the cable. The Winch Saver is easily installed on the cable with a few simple steps.

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