Pronghorn Overland Gear is based in Boerne, Texas

It may have started with paint. In 2010 Trey Hermann was repainting his old FJ62 Land Cruiser. He knew he was going to need a front-end guard to protect his fresh paint and bodywork, but quickly discovered that what was available was heavy, steel, and not much to look at. Those options didn’t look good enough, so he grabbed a pencil and designed something better. Something fabricated from aluminum for lighter weight performance and engineered with a fully boxed design to be as strong as the steel bumpers at half the weight. And he didn’t stop there. He added new ideas about functionality, modular design, and how to make it not just another bumper, but a practical off-road and expedition tool, a sleek aluminum Jeep bumper. That design became the first Modular Front-End System (MFES-FJ62) and with that Pronghorn Overland Gear was born and Trey Hermann became it’s founder.

If you have any questions regarding Pronghorn Overland Gear products, please call us at 908-454-6973 or by email.


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