Bug Out Vehicles (BOV)

Super Volcanoes, EMP, Solar Flares, Economic Collapse, Food Shortages, Disease, Astroids, Polarity Shifts, Foreign Invasions, Zombies.

Everyone has their own belief in what is going to bring the human population to their knees. If you've been prepping your house to survive when something catastrophic happens, it's obvious that you need a dependable and capable survival vehicle that can transport yourself, your family, and important belongings.


What is a Bug Out Vehicle (BOV)?

According to AlphaRubicon.com, a Bug Out Survival Vehicle will transport you from your current location to another in a time of crises. 

Chances are if you're reading about building a bug out vehicle, you already have an idea on what makes a good one. However, for those that don't know, a good bug out vehicle build really depends on your location and needs, but ideally it should be:

> 4WD
> Ample storage to carry people, food, water, recovery gear and fuel.
> Common (so parts can easily be found) and reliable.

With that said, a bug out vehicle build is much like an overland vehicle. If you are forced to move from your location, you might be forced to travel long distances, sometimes off the beaten path and you must be able to support yourself and others.

We offer the following services for your Bug Out Vehicle:

> Suspension Lift Installations
> Locker Installation
> Off-Road / Winch Capable Bumpers Installations
> Re-Gearing
> Snorkel Installation
> Electrical Wiring (Lights, Winches, Gauges, etc.)
> Dual Battery Systems Installation
> Power Convertors
> Water and Fuel Storage Installation
> On Board Air Installation
> ... and a lot more.

You may contact us for a quote.


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