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Blog - Wheelin' For The Wounded: Report

Wheelin' For The Wounded: Report

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to be invited to a WFTW (Link: http://www.wheelersforthewounded.org/)event, which was put on by NJJC in Hamburg N.J. Saturdays when I am off of work, are really precious to me. This Saturday, when I was asked to be involved in this event, I knew it was for a good cause. Out of respect for our troops, I felt that it was the least I could do to help. JP and his crew from clubs in NJ did an outstanding job! It’s so awesome to see the 4WD community active in a worthwhile cause, and to see so many show up and help out to give these vets a good time. To sit in a Jeep and wheel with fellow Americans who have put their lives at risk for us and hear their stories, was the best off- roading therapy I have ever had. My problems are nothing compared to those of these young men I have met. To give them a few hours of enjoyment in the outdoors is the very least I could do for them.

I needed to be reminded that our soldiers are not just figures, robots or machines fighting for us, they are our fellow man with families, feelings, and dreams, just like us. These men have gone through serious adversities and come back home to sit in hospitals and get ignored instead of getting the recognition they so deserve. I realized my life is so boring compared to their stories, but I have been healthy and safe only because of these and the countless other American soldiers who have sacrificed for us. One soldier who rode with me is an author and his stories are now in a book. He has survived Iraq, survived gangs, survived prison and even survived cancer. I’m ordering his books and hope many others will too (Link: http://www.anotherbadcreationinc.com/)

I know I will be more grateful in the future for our soldiers, and when I see one I will thank them for their service to our country. I hope those in leadership in our country will open their eyes, stop wasting money, and spend it on programs that serve these men. They deserve it.

Posted in News By Jim O.