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Blog - Warren County Farmers Fair Truck Pull & Mud Bog Results

Warren County Farmers Fair Truck Pull & Mud Bog Results

We'd like to thank everyone who came out and put on a great show for all the spectators! Be sure to check out Stephanie Borden's Facebook page for hi-res shots! 

Truck Pull Results

Thursday July 31, 2014, OK Auto 4WD and Tire and the Warren County Framers Fair Association, along with Port Murray Auto Sales, kicked off their sponsored events with the annual Truck Pull.

This event combines both gas and diesel trucks with five categories of classes:

  • Class 1 – Gas Street Stock under 6500 lbs.
  • Class 2 – Gas Street Modified under 6500 pounds
  • Class 3 – Diesel Work Stock under 8000 lbs.
  • Class 4 – Gas Modified under 6500 lbs &
  • Class 5 – Diesel Modified under 8000 lbs.

Upon arrival and registration trucks are carefully weighed on a scale in order to be placed in their selected classes. Although the skies looked foreboding, the clouds only opened up for a short portion of the weighing and registration process, and luckily the rain lasted only minutes, allowing drivers a great night sky to race under!

With the registration complete the night’s event began with class 1 trucks hitching up to the weighted sled, and they were off and running! The class finished with David Tanzosh taking the lead followed by Doug Hartz, and Rich Gardner Jr.

Jim Meyers in his 1970 GMC started kicking up the first round of dust for the night


What a great example of the gorgeous weather that surfaced, complete with the hot air balloon festival going on! Couldn’t have asked for a nicer night or a better view of David Tanzosh’s ’83 chevy 



The dirt began to really fly for class 2 with the “Rat Poison” 1977 Ford F150 owned by Fred Mexisell.



Two trucks in Class 2 and both Fords! Here is the first place puller Scott Nocek and his 1978 Ford F250. Great show from both vintage Fords! 

As the night progressed the trucks got faster and the sled which slowly transfers weight forward creating more resistance for the trucks, really made the trucks work for it. The smoke started billowing and the term “rolling coal” certainly applied. By the time the trucks came to a stop they, and the sled, were just dust and smoke balls! Class three was led by Scott Beers in First Place, followed by Joey Cooper and Michael Beyrooty.


Robert Santini created quite the show with his cloud reaching the sky



 Is there even a truck in there behind the smoke?!


Class 4 included two Gas Modified under 6500 lbs.  Harald Kemmerer represented OK4WD and took the lead in his 2004 Dodge Dakota and was joined by Eric Mexisell purple Chevy. These guys blew down the track with some amazing speed!

With the setting sun came class 5, closing the evening out with some real power being displayed from these engines. Nick Hahn pulled 275.82 feet placing him in First Place. Scott Beers, who also placed first in Class 3, pulled further for Class 5 with Second Place standing of 273.81 feet, and was followed by Charlie Johnson with an impressive 250.35 feet!

A special thank you to all of the sponsors, as well as the drivers and spectators! We cannot wait to see you all again next year for another awesome display of Truck Pulling!



Mud Bog Results



Another year at the Warren County Farmers Fair and that means another mud bog! Always a crowd favorite, this year         was no exception as spectators filled the stands! OK Auto 4WD and Tire was pleased to pair up again with the Warren County Farmers Fair Association as well as H&K and Sons to sponsor this event for another successful and fun filled mud bog.

With seventy-five drivers registered for the event, the mud truck madness began early on in the afternoon. Trailers towing everything from lifted Volkswagens to vintage trucks from days gone could be seen entering the gate and heading to the field where they were unloaded, tires were changed and last minute repairs were made. Some trucks sparkled with pride while others still wore mud, like battle scars, from their last race. Racers exchanged thoughts on what the pit would be like and discussed the latest modification or repair.

Pre event drivers meeting, as everyone eagerly awaits the start.


Class 1 consisted of 4WD vehicles with tires up to 33 inches in diameter. Class 2 took the 33.1 up to 36 inch tire size. From there class 3 went from 36.1 inch tires to 40 with class 4 bringing it up to 44 inch diameter. There was also an exhibition class with over 44’s to bring the night to an end.

Class 1 and 2 had smooth sailing through the pit with only a few who did not make it through. It made for a quick two classes with barely a need for a tow. The audience grew used to cheering everyone on as they made it through.



1991 Chevy Blazer driven by Keith Land



The flags are flyin’ on Jared Piazza’s 1981 Ford Bronco



Joe Bruschetta ain’t skeered of his 1990 Ford’s predicament


Frank Delaney driving the only Geo Tracker of the day



A Jeep CJ7 driven by Jeff Indyk




During a small break Staff members decide to partake in the mud fun as Dave form H&K and Sons decided Julie needed to take a dive. Why should drivers have all the fun?!




Dave was right to try and run after pushing Julie into the pit. Poor Julie- although I hear mud bathes are good for the skin! Watch out next year Dave- Julie may be coming for you!


Once Class 2 was finished the short break included re-vamping the pit. Digging, as well as adding more water altered the mud pit so it ran very little like it did for Class 1 and 2. Rich Marcine was the first one through with 19.08 seconds in his Jeep, so at first the pit seemed not at all daunting. However, soon after drivers and spectators became acutely aware that there was quite a hump, followed by a divet which was perfectly sized for tires, followed by another incline to get out. One after another trucks got stuck in the hole. Finally Jason Banghart in his lifted Suburu managed to eek his way up and out and surpass Marcine’s time by getting a 18.10 second time. It didn’t look good for class 3and the crowd grew impatient with cries to “fix the hole” -but staffers had faith it would get better.


Marcine’s ’87 Jeep



Looks like Banghart’s spinning up mud cyclones on either side of his Suburu


After these two guys were able to make it out, it still looked dismal for others. Finally when the crowd reached a point where they needed reassurance that it would get better, Chad Sparatta, class 3’s first place winner from 2013, reclaimed his title for another year and hammered through the pit, ditch and all in mere 13 seconds flat. Things were looking up.

The ’89 Chevy K5 Blazer does it again.



Chevy’s took control of Class 3 as Mike Bergamasco snagged second place with 14.28 seconds in his Blazer



Owner of OK4WD, Jim Oostydk was not afraid to get dirty for his company’s event as he jumps right in to hitch trucks up


Amongst all the competitors within the truck pulls and the mud bog at Warren County Farmer’s Fair, one man stands out. His name is Milton A. Krivak, and he is quick to offer a smile, a nod and a few words while those around him rush to register, work on their trucks, or hang out with friends. When asked, Milton explains he has been coming to the Warren County Farmer’s Fair for 20 years, then chuckles as he recalls he is not actually 48 as he tells people, rather, 84 years of age! This makes Milton a 42 year veteran of competition at the fair.

Originally from Hazleton Pennsylvania, Milton has spent most of his life in Lodi, New Jersey. Considering Lodi does not quite seem like a mecca to the mud bog race world, it was questionable how he began his career in these competitions. Milton explains easily enough “I saw an ad for the Warren County Fair, and it seemed like something I may like to do.” I would guess so considering it has now been forty-two years! During drivers meetings, Milton likes to raise his hand when the question “are there any new drivers this year?” arises (we’re on to you Milton!). 

Driving his 1992 Jeep Cherokee in both the truck pulls and mud bog, Milton also lends it out to younger mud boggers Vahen and Jack Manjikian to try their hands at the mud pit. He also keeps, and readily pulls out a birthday card Vahen gave him for his 80th birthday. He keeps it in his glove box and gets joy out of opening it up, because it plays the theme to “Rocky,” a favorite as you can tell by his shirt! Also at the mud bog was Milton’s grandson Derric Dishuk whom he recalls bringing to his first ATV mud race when Dishuk was only four years of age. Krivak is VERY quick to assert, when talking about his bog competition that he will, indeed, come in first place- no if’s, and’s , or but’s!


Milton Krivak tears through the mud in his Jeep Cherokee



And…. Wouldn’t you know it- Milton came in first place for class 1! He was not joking when he said all the other drivers should be forewarned!


Jim Oostdyk, owner of OK4WD congratulates Krivak on his winning full pass run


Krivak collects his winnings at the end of the night


Way to go Milton! Thank you for showing us such true spirit for the sports! You are an inspiration to us all, and we look forward to seeing you for many years to come, at future Warren County Fairs!


Posted in News By James Henry