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Blog - Warren County Farmers Fair Mud Bog and Truck Pull Results

Warren County Farmers Fair Mud Bog and Truck Pull Results


The night started out looking not so promising for the annual Warren County Farmers Fair 4x4 Truck Pulls, as the clouds opened up and delivered a torrential downpour just a few hours prior to event start. Never fear though, as the diligent event staff worked there hardest to clear, rake, and smooth the field for our eager drivers! Mother Nature did her part by then allowing the weather to cooperate, and the event was on! 

Truck Pull Results

Mud Bog Results

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Truck Pull

It may have gotten a later start than anticipated but once it began, it ran with consistant displays of awesome horsepower!

Class 1 winners:

  • Steve Rasilew - 1st
  • Jim Meyers - 2nd
  • Lance Huff - 3rd

Class 3 winners:

  • Nick Hahn - 1st
  • Scott Beers - 2nd
  • Marc Wirasnik - 3rd

Class 5 winner:

  • Nick Hahn - 1st
  • Scott Beers - 2nd
  • Marc Wirasnik - 3rd

Special thanks to all of our drivers and spectators, and as always the Warren County Farmers Fair, H&k and Sons Collision repair, and OK4WD - all of whom allow this event to happen!










Mud Bog

It was a great day to see so many familiar faces at the annual Warren County Farmer's Fair Mudbog! It was even better to see many new faces- whether driving veteran vehicles that have braved the pit before, or all together new drivers and race trucks!

While drivers lined up for registration and tech, the pit was being dug, filled and formed. The announcer asserted that this years pit would surely be passable making it a race against the clock, rather than a competition of distance. Drivers and spectators alike wondered if this was true. Last years participants embraced this prospect although some scoffed at the idea, only caring about getting in, getting dirty, and having fun doing it!

Class 1 and Class 2 seemed to prove the announcer correct as most drivers were able to carve their way through with ease (easy for us bystanders to say, right?!).

The audience were treated to a little entertainment display as a spectacle was made over a dodge being pulled out, crushed, rolled, and ultimately destroyed! Dont worry folks, it was all just a show for the kids!

After a short break of reformating the pit for class 3and 4, it became quite a different story than the first half. This mud was now THICK and MEAN proving to be every drivers nemesis and a worthy opponent indeed! But drivers handled it well and with good spirits!

Class 1 Winners:

  • Eric Mantz - 1st
  • Jeff Indyk - 2nd
  • Paul Dudan - 3rd

Class 2 Winners:

  • Clayton Cupples
  • Daryl Crane
  • Drew Kelson

Class 3 Winners:

  • Rudy Ubel
  • Mike Bergamasco
  • John Faryniak


Let's all hear it for our event sponsors- The Warren County Farmer's Fair, H&K and sons Collision Repair, and OK4WD! We love this event and the stands are always packed so we know you do too! Keep coming out and we will see you all next year!

We have over a hundred more photos to share with you on our facebook page, so please go take a look and give us a "like!" 














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