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Blog - Tar Hollow 4WD Expedition / Krawl 4 Kids (Fall 2012)

Tar Hollow 4WD Expedition / Krawl 4 Kids (Fall 2012)

Cold weather, rain, and mud sums up this years fall run of Tar Hollow & Krawl 4 Kids. However, with a part of all proceeds benefiting charity - we can honestly say everyone had a great time for a great cause! Click read more for photos and videos of the event!

Friday night was absolutely beautiful with great temperatures and not a cloud in the sky. Saturday was a different story, however. With it being in the 60's, windy, and raining, the trails turned from dust to a thick mud that challenged a lot of drivers. While it was fun, it proved too much for many larger vehicles that fell victim to tree damage as they slid down mud hills. Saturday night was filled with raffles, a delicious dinner, and friends sitting around campfires talking about the previous days excursions. When Sunday rolled around, the rain left but chilly temperatures hung around. While most people packed up and left Sunday morning, the hardened stayed and wheel into the afternoon.

We'd like to thank everyone that came out and supported a great event and charity. We'd also like to thank the land owner for allowing us to wheel on the property. Its an absolute beautiful place!

Here's a video from an attendee, photos coming tomorrow!

Posted in News By James Henry