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Blog - Partnership With The Life

Partnership With The Life

OK4WD and James Baroud USA are proud to announce our partnership with The Life. This TV show airs on the Sportsman Channel from January to July with 3 airings a week. The Life shares stories of hunters, past and present, indoors and outdoors and represents a pure example of who they are as sportsman. The Life states that their stories are built not only on their memories of the outdoors and the thrill of the chase. But also on the camaraderie at camp and the serenity of the campfire, this is what makes it a way of life. All of this creates a lifestyle that we are happy to be a part of.

The guys at The Life pride themselves on their techniques of capturing the stories and feel that there is nothing more rewarding, than helping others to do the same. Which is why, a huge part of their business is providing outdoor video education on many levels across the country. The Life’s outdoor video courses give the student an opportunity to learn everything they need to know about using their camera equipment to its fullest potential and creating quality lifestyle stories.

We at OK4WD and James Baroud USA are excited to partner with The Life in creating new adventures.

Please check this crew out at http://www.thelife.tv/, Follow them on Instagram @ thelife_tv and on Facebook The Life TV.

Here is what Tom Petry from The Life had to say about this partnership: “The decision for us at The Life to partner with a company for our TV show is not taken lightly. We don't "peddle" for "sponsorship" or put our hands out wondering what others can do for us. We first make sure that it is a company that makes sense for our brand. Then, is it a company that has a good history and a solid plan for longevity. And lastly, what can we, effectively do for them. Between these 3 simple rules and our strong core values as a company ourselves, partnering with OK4WD and James Baroud USA was not only a simple one, it was one that we are truly proud to announce. Oddly enough, although I now live in the mid-west, I grew up near OK4WD and spent my hard earned money there as a young man. Having that history with a company, both from their end and ours is huge. Their family like environment, the staff being career sales and service techs and not just employees, and the knowledge from all of them, being both a parts and installation center is absolutely second to none. Since we are talking quality in product and service, James Baroud stands right beside OK4WD. With a product that will not only help us in so many ways, but also from a company that cares about being the best at what they do and not as much about what they can profit from each sale. I cannot stress enough how proud we are to be a part of their teams. As we set out on our 2016 adventures, we can now be 100% confident, that our trucks will go anywhere we need them too and are built with quality and care. As we travel from state to state to state and camp to camp, thousands of miles often needing to rest and camp in some remote areas. We can feel secure knowing that our tent and our bed are right there with us at all times. Ready to brave the elements and keep us dry and rested when we need it most.
I am proud and excited to call OK4WD, James Baroud USA and all of the folks that work for these companies, friends and partners and I look forward to the future with them.

Here is what Nick Ventura from The Life had to say about this partnership: “We are very excited about our partnership with OK4WD and James Baroud! Whether it’s the mountains out west or our favorite honey hole in the northeast, we need to rely on our trucks and our equipment. OK4WD has all the products and knowledge to help us get to those spots that are not easy to get to and our James Baroud tents make sure we can stay out as long as we have to in order to tell a good story. Sometimes a hunt can last a day while other times it can be fifteen days out in the backcountry; we are excited to finally have the confidence thanks to OK4WD to trust that our trucks will help us get the job done. This partnership fits perfectly with our core values as a company and we are looking forward to many new adventures with our new trucks!

Posted in News By James Henry