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Blog - OK4WD Mud Bog @ Numidia Dragway

OK4WD Mud Bog @ Numidia Dragway

This past weekend was OK4WD Mud Bog at Numidia Dragway 500ft horseshoe mudbog. Everyone came out to show their driving ability and over 2000 spectators came to watch the trucks dig through the 500ft mud course.

This mud bog was designed not as a speed course but one where the driver would have to pick a line they thought would be quickest. With ruts, off-camber sections, thick mud and slight jumps - the drivers had the cautious yet drive quick enough to take the win.

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Class 1- up to 33” inch tire- Jeff Indyk  85 CJ-7
Class 2- 33.1” to 36” tire- Don Unangst 88 Suzuki
Class 3- 36.1” to 40” tire- Chad Spriatta- 89 Blazer
Class 4- 40.1 to 44” tires- “TURTLE” 85 Chevy
Class 5- 44.1 and up- Wayne West- 85 chevy

Overall Eliminator- Adam Strawser- 78 Ford F150
Fastest time 500ft  Wayne West 22.42 seconds




Posted in News By James Henry