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Blog - Numidia Mud Bog Results (2014 Fall Run)

Numidia Mud Bog Results (2014 Fall Run)

Although Mother Nature decided to dump buckets of rain on the campers the night before (hey, we still all had a blast despite the weather!), she gave us a beautiful day of sunshine and moderate temperatures for  the end of summer mud bog held on Sunday, September 7th at the Numidia Dragway.

Staffers checking drivers in and running them through tech early on in the morning.


The season went out with a bang at this race, with such excitement as a flipped jeep, nose dives into the pit, and a hill right at the start that had vehicles catching some nice air- the 500ft horseshoe pit did not leave spectators or drivers disappointed.

We find it important to preface the following photos by saying the driver was safely pulled from his vehicle unscathed. With that being said we know the pictures that most people want to see is that of the 1993 Jeep YJ driven by Gene Fitzgerald in class 5 that flipped in the pit. While turning the final corner toward the end stretch of the horseshoe, Fitzgerald careened around it making the left hand turn which ultimately turned the vehicle skyward. The crowd went nuts, the staff all flew towards the vehicle to ensure the drivers safety, and when all was said and done, when relief overcame initial fears everyone was able to sit back and say “Wow- did you see that?!?” Well, for those of you that did not see it we were able to catch it for you.

It began like any other run….


What a show! Gene, we are glad you are ok and we hope this isn’t the last we see of you and your Jeep!

All drivers were able to make two runs through the pit, and at the end of the first run they were able to choose whether to keep their time or distance, or alternatively, throw caution to the wind and gamble on their second run outdoing their first.

The first place winner for Class 1, with tires up to 33”, was Tom Martino in his ’98 Jeep XJ

First place winner for class 2 with tires from 33.1” up to 36” was Dan Herb in a ’93 Chevy S-10

Class 3’s first place winner for tires 36.1”- 40” Was Brian Dobinski in his Suzuki Samurai


Class 4’s first place went to Mike Rodriguez in his ’87 Chevy for tires 40.1”-44”


The last class of the day was Class 5, tires over 44.1, with first place winner Ryan Doyle in a ’47 Jeep Willys


Now, let’s take a look at some of the trucks whose tires decided the ground wasn’t good enough for them and took to the air!




Jackie Mowbray incidentally took 2nd place in class 1 in the same Jeep XJ that took Tom Martino to his first place standing.



With the trucks out of the way it left time for a quick competition amongst those who brought their ATV’s along for the ride!



Lastly, here is a photo which pays our respect to the dearly departed, the fallen drive shafts of the day…may they be repaired twice as strong, and ready to raise hell come spring 2015 at the next Numidia!

We had an amazing day of weather, excellent displays of driving, much excitement for spectators, and drivers who had a blast even if they didn’t make it all the way through the pit. Each mud bog seems to be better than the last and we could not do it without OK4WD & Auto, Numidia Dragway, Bischoff Landscaping, and Valley Chemical Fire Company, not to mention the volunteers who staff the event and make it all happen. We share our deepest gratitude for a great weekend of competition!

Do you have pictures from this mud bog or past events? Follow us on Instagram @ok4wd and share those photos with us by tagging us or hash tagging #ok4wd - we would love to see them! For more event photos follow Stephielee13 photos on facebook! Stay tuned for updates on more events!


After the Warren County Farmers Fair we did a spotlight on Milton Krivak, the 84 year old bogger who drove away with first place for class 1. Earlier, during the week before Numidia was to take place, we learned Milton was in an accident with his tow rig, trailer, and the jeep he races in. We were quite concerned, but quickly relieved to hear Milton was unharmed. Pictures of the aftermath depicted a mud truck with the roof crushed. However, not only was Milton uninjured, but he rallied and actually made it to Numidia with his truck in tow!

Milton poses next to “his lady” and recounts the events of his accident. His pals help tell the story of the tractor trailer which clipped the trailer, causing a blow-out. From the front view, you can see the damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle. The headlight you see is actually the headlight of his race Cherokee. Since the Land Rover’s headlight was a casualty of the accident, Milton improvised in order to get his tow rig in working order! As a side note, his lady has been with him for over 40 years, and stays with him no matter what vehicle he has. Now that is a committed relationship!

Milton remembers seeing the trailer swaying from his right side mirror to his left, and actually was able to see the trailered jeep out of his side windows as it careened from side to side, until the ties gave on the jeep, sending it sailing

Damage to his towing truck is evident on both the driver’s side, as well as the passenger side.


Nonetheless, Milton still got to have a few go’s on the 500ft horseshoe, as well as letting his pals Vaughn and Gary have their chance in the Jeep Cherokee! Even here, although he is being pulled out by the crane, his smile is priceless.

We thank you Milton, for offering inspiration to everyone who heard your story. We admire the perseverance and positive mental attitude you display each time we see you!

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