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Blog - Numidia Mud Bog Fall 2015 Recap

Numidia Mud Bog Fall 2015 Recap

Another season completed! The end of the mudbog year was marked by the annual fall OK4WD Numida Dragway mudbog this past Sunday! It was the time to give it all you've got....because you have all winter to fix (or upgrade) your trucks! Its always a thrill to see what new trucks will come out to this race, as well as welcoming back our old friends from mudbogs past!

Special thanks to the sponsors of this event- OK4WD, Numidia Dragway, Bischoff Landscaping, and the Valley Chemical Fire Department! Of course, none of this would be possible without OK4WD's Scott Embley as well as his family and friends, all the hardworking event staff, our amazing spectators, and fearless drivers!

Class 1 Winners:

1st place- Paul Dudan

2nd place- Chris Henry

3rd place- Jim Nisen

Class 2 Winners:

1st place- Tony Somodi

2nd place- Robert Walker

3rd place- Mark J.

Class 3 Winners:

1st place- Jesse Abdo

2nd place- Mike Hollis

3rd place- Patrick Hildebrand

Class 4 Winners:

1st place- Sam Matthews

2nd place-Chris Kincaid

3rd place- Mike Hollis

Class 5 Winners:

1st place- Greg Doscher

2nd place- Mike Blazer

3rd place- Andrew VanDoren

Now here are some photos of this years winners!













Posted in Testimonials By James Henry