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Blog - Numidia Mud Bog Competition Rules

Numidia Mud Bog Competition Rules


Sunday September 27, 2015 - 10:00am @ Numidia Dragway

Gates open at 8:30am


The Mud Bogging Competition is promoted as a spectator attraction. In the interest of safety, drivers and mechanics are subject to and must obey the rules and regulations.

  • Each driver must fill out an entry form. A person may enter more than one class, however, tires must be changed between runs and if vehicle is not ready to go when their number comes up, their entry fee will be forfeited. Each driver must supply his/her own vehicle. Proof of ownership is required on each vehicle entered.
  •  Each driver must be at least 18 years of age and must possess a valid driver’s license. In addition, anyone else in the pit area (such as mechanics and crewmembers) must be at least 18 years of age.
  •  Judges and Officials reserve the right to approve or reject any or all entries.
  •  Only owners/ drivers who sign a release sheet and possess a pit pass will be permitted in the competition area. Passes will be issued upon acceptance of the entry.
  •  Please read disclaimer on registration form before signing as it has been changed.
  •  All vehicles MUST be removed from the grounds at the conclusion of the event.
  •  Nitrous oxide systems are prohibited.
  •  Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not permitted.
  •  Any driver or crewmember disobeying the rules will cause his or her entry to be disqualified and their entry fee will be forfeited.
  • A contestant may be disqualified for either emotional or physical reasons by Competition Director or Track Officials. Example: recklessness; drugs or drinking alcoholic beverages. Any driver or any of his or her pit crew consuming any intoxicating agent, and/or drugs prior to or during the event will be disqualified from the event – Drivers will be held responsible for the actions of their crew!
  • No one (at any time) will be allowed to verbally or physically abuse any track official. Automatic disqualification! We have the right to fully suspend any competitor.
  • If any vehicle and/or driver is disqualified for any reason, no refund of entry fee.
  •  Towing and transporting vehicles to the arena must be done in a proper and legal manner.
  •  All drivers must wear a helmet and are required to wear long pants, a shirt and no open toed shoes during competition (no shorts allowed).
  •  Only track official allowed trackside during competition.
  • If equipped with a blower larger than 871, blower restraints are required.
  • Vehicle must stop immediately upon signal of red flag from flagman.



Any vehicle with a soft top must have a roll bar securely fastened to frame of vehicle or OEM roll bar. No part of the fuel system allowed inside of cab. Jeeps and Blazers that have fuel cell positioned behind the driver, fuel cell must be enclosed in separate metal box, battery, if relocated, must be enclosed in a plastic box. Vehicles with fiberglass cabs, removable or cloth tops must have a minimum of 6 point roll cage. If fiberglass body parts are used, they must resemble original body parts. Complete floorboard and firewall required. Front bumper and grill must be in place. Front windshield required. All vehicles must have a minimum 2-1/2 pound dry chemical or halon fire extinguisher securely attached (factory supplied hardware preferred) within driver’s reach (bungee cords and seatbelts not accepted as “securely attached”). Vehicle must have a rear frame attached hooking device with easy access. If using a cable or chain, it must be a minimum chain size of 3/8 inch or cable size of ½ inch. All tow hook-ups must be secured to vehicle so as to have strength to tow vehicle from mud pit area without breaking. Please note, if hook-up breaks in mud pit, the driver is responsible for reattaching the pull-out cable  Eye Protection is required if vehicle does not have windshield. Track officials will have the option to check competitors for rule violations at any time during the event.



  • 1. 4WD vehicles Tire size up to 33 inches in diameter.
  • 2. 4WD vehicles Tire size 33.1 to 36 inches in diameter.
  • 3. 4WD vehicles Tire size 36.1 to 40 inches in diameter.
  • 4. 4WD vehicles Tire size 40.1 to 44 inches in diameter.
  • 5. 4WD vehicles Tire size 44.1 and up inches in diameter.

NO Paddle Tires. Dimensions measured to the nearest 1/10th inch. No dual tires. The diameter of the largest tire on the vehicle determines the class. Based on entry volume, classes may be consolidated.


Vehicle must be equipped with and driver must wear both a seat belt and helmet during competition.

Vehicle’s front wheels are on the start line. A flagman waves a flag and a timer begins. Another flagman is positioned at the end of the track and waves a flag when the vehicle crosses the finish line. Timekeeper stops the timer and notes the time (to the nearest tenth of a second) that it took for the vehicle to complete the course.

If the vehicle fails to complete the course, a judge waves a flag signaling that forward motion has ceased. Time and distance traveled into the mud will be measured to the nearest inch at that point.

If vehicle runs sideways, or out of track, judge will signal driver to stop. Vehicle will be disqualified.

Winners in each class will be determined based upon fastest completion time. In the event that any or all vehicles fail to complete the course, ranking will be based first on distance, then on time.

 Limited to 150 trucks time permitting


Special Note – NO ALCOHOL!

This is a family event where you can bring your children, parents or your grandparents. We cannot have these people affected by someone’s poor choice of how much alcohol they consume and how it affects their behavior. You will have one warning if you are acting in an inappropriate manner. After that you will be removed from the property. You are responsible for your vehicle and your actions!

For More Information Please Contact Scott Embley at OK Auto 4WD & Tire (908) 454-6973.

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