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Blog - Notice Regarding Hurricane Sandy

Notice Regarding Hurricane Sandy

We are in the path of Hurricane Sandy and about 120 miles from where it will be making landfall. While we expect it to quickly turn into a tropical storm, there will be damaging floods and winds. We do have solar powered batteries that will keep us afloat for several hours but once the lights go out we are forced to close our doors.

While we strive to process all orders quickly - there will be a delay in shipments as FedEx will not be doing ground shipments until October 31st, 2012. Also note that if the power does go out - we will not be able to process orders or answer emails and phone calls

Meteorologist expect the worst to come later today near closing and last throughout the night. 

This is the latest update we have for now. We will continue to update our Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for your cooperation.

** UPDATE 11/05 **

Power and Internet was restored late last week. We are 100% operational!

Posted in News By James Henry